Chiropractic In Palm Desert Can Reduce Medical Bills

Chiropractic In Palm Desert Can Reduce Medical Bills

Chiropractic Palm Desert CA Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare is very costly even with insurance! Medical bills on services for the elderly are especially expensive. A study published in 2021 by National University of Health Sciences aimed at finding out how the access of chiropractic care related to medical bills. Over 39,000 patients were involved in the study. These patients relocated to all parts of the country which had variable amounts of chiropractors in the area. The data compares individuals who had lots of access to chiropractors versus individuals who have little access to chiropractors. This data was then used to compare against average visits to a Physician and surgeries.

What were the Results? 

Comparing the people who did get a reduction of chiropractic care in their area versus those who did not, there was an increase of 32.3 physician visits because of spinal issues annually per 1000 people. There also was an increase of 5.5 spinal surgeries annually per 1000 people as well. This equates to about $115,000 extra spent per 1000 people annually for a population that has a reduced amount of chiropractic care available to them. Extrapolating out this would mean that if there was a reduced amount of chiropractic care for the entire country, medical bills would increase 391 million dollars.

Why This Data Matters

The data took into account elderly patients and their associated costs. However, if people took their health more seriously in their earlier years a lot of this cost could have been prevented as well. There is no contest that people that take care of their health throughout their life have less problems later on. Through this data we would argue that it is extremely important to have regular chiropractic care. This means even if you feel fine. The reason for this is to prevent problems from arising and decreasing recovery time when something does happen. We have had patients throw their whole back out from picking up a piece of lint off the floor. It’s not that the lint was heavy, it's that all the issues throughout the years pile up until something as small as that triggers the immobilizing pain. It is a fact that issues that have been going on for a while are harder to treat than getting on top of it as soon as possible. That’s why seeing a chiropractor is crucial to your health and prevention of major surgeries. 

What Go Healthcare in Palm Desert Will Do For You

Let us figure out the issue causing you Pain! Your visit will start with a consultation where we will ask you a series of questions regarding the issues you are experiencing. We want to make sure we fully understand your pain or discomfort before we proceed. The doctor will then do a focused exam on you and take X-rays if needed. This will tell him what exactly needs to be done in order to treat the issue or condition. As early as the next day we will have a complete analysis of the issue available and sit down to explain what is going on. The doctor will also have a complete treatment plan on how he feels would best treat the problem. Our process at Go Healthcare in Palm Desert is what makes patients continue to come back season after season for preventative care. Call and schedule your visit today!



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