Knee Pain in Palm Desert?

Chiropractic Palm Desert CA Knee Pain

Knee Pain is horrible! Walking and standing are a huge part of our daily lives and it might not be noticeable until knee pain hits. Whether it's sharp knee pain, dull knee pain, shooting knee pain, burning knee pain or anything in between, IT’S NOT NORMAL TO HAVE KNEE PAIN. Some individuals describe the pain as something they deal with, and something that doesn’t stop them from doing what they want to do. And that’s fantastic! However, why deal with any knee pain in Palm Desert that has the risk of getting worse, especially, when you have an opportunity to be proactive about the condition.

How does Knee Pain Happen?

Sometimes it's confusing. Maybe you even woke up one morning and your knee all of a sudden hurt. Regardless of whether you are 16 or 86, there's a cause of your knee pain. There are structural issues (Bones & cartilage) and there are mobile issues (Muscle, ligament, tendon). If you have any sort of tear or fracture it may be smart to see a doctor about that. If you aren’t sure or you know there are no tears or fractures, then it's time to look for the cause. A lot of what we see in our office that causes a patient's knee pain is a joint space narrowing. This is usually caused by a shift in the knee alignment that aggravates or even grinds the knee joint down unevenly.

What the Medical Field is doing right now for Knee Pain

Going to a traditional Medical doctor for knee pain may help! The question is, “For how Long?” A lot of patients that come into our office for knee pain have already seen a series of medical doctors or specialists before making it to us. That’s because, as far as treatments go, knee pain is sometimes “solved” with P.T, medications or injections (like cortisone). A lot of the time this results in the further deterioration of the knee joint because of the lack of pain the patient feels. Pain is there to tell us we are doing something wrong. There is a cause and effect for almost everything. Knee pain is an effect. Since that is true, ask yourself “what is the cause?” With medications or injections, the cause is not typically treated. And if a structural issue is present, physical therapy may not be what you need.

How Go Healthcare inc in Palm Desert Treats Knee Pain Different

At GoHealthcare Inc. in Palm Desert, we will be providing you a full assessment and evaluation for any issues that may be causing your Knee Pain. After a review of the assessment, the doctor will be providing his recommendations for treating not only the symptom of knee pain but also the underlying causes for that individual's problem. That may include services provided by our Medical provider, Chiropractic adjustments, Physiotherapies including decompression, Vitamins and Supplements that are provided at the office. If there are any other triggers of a patient’s back pain, the doctor may give suggestions in order to minimize the effect of those. There will most likely be a set of recommended exercises as well, that will help the patient work on the issue when not in office to speed up patient wellness.

Call our office if there is anything we can help you with. Let's figure out how to treat this issue together.


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