Go Healthcare In Palm Desert Helps With Neck Pain

Go Healthcare In Palm Desert Helps With Neck Pain

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When Neck pain or stiffness creeps into your daily or weekly routine it can be hard to get through the day! Sitting at a desk and doing paperwork or researching on the computer? Tough. Backing out of a parking space without a backup camera? Forget about it. Some people sweep neck pain under the rug for years without playing an active role in their recovery. They think it is normal or that there’s nothing that can be done. NECK PAIN IS NOT NORMAL!! It has the ability to cause more severe issues down the road as well. The longer one waits to address neck pain in Palm Desert, the harder it is to make a substantial impact on the cause, regardless of treatment options. 

What Causes Neck Pain in Palm Desert CA?

As with most things in life there is a cause and effect with neck pain. There may be an activity or an injury you can remember that may have caused the neck pain to initially happen. Or there may not be. Regardless, what actually happens inside your neck when you experience neck pain? Neck pain can result from misalignments in your cervical spine that cause irritation to the surrounding area. Muscles can get inflamed that causes tension and discomfort in the neck. Nerves can also get inhibited or irritated which can cause the neck to be in more pain. Even something as small as centimeters of movement in the wrong direction structurally is enough for the body to freak out. Mild, Moderate, or Severe Neck pain is not something you should be required to deal with, nor is it healthy. 

What are the Medical Field’s current remedies for Neck Pain?

When you go to your medical doctor or spine specialist with neck pain to get help, sometimes it's disappointing. It’s not that the doctors don’t want to help you, it's because sometimes they don’t have the proper means to do so. Often the best solution that can be provided is Medication or Injections such as Epiderals and Cortisone. 

Continuous epidurals can lead to permanent nerve damage or spinal cord damage from injection sites. One of the biggest effects of continuous use of Cortisone is bone loss (osteoporosis) which can eventually lead to taking continuous medication like bisphosphonates. Which have their own side effects like bone and jaw complications. 

These treatments help at managing the symptoms of pain and inflammation in the short term. In order to get long term relief, the cause of the neck pain needs to be targeted. Medications and sometimes even surgery doesn’t target that, it masks it. From our experience, Masking a problem makes it worse, not better. 

What is Go Healthcare going to do about my Neck Pain?

At GoHealthcare Inc. in Palm Desert, we will be providing you a full assessment and evaluation for any issues that may be causing your Neck Pain. After a review of the assessment, the doctor will be providing his recommendations for treating not only the symptom of back pain but also the underlying causes for that individual's problem. Often that may include Chiropractic adjustments along with necessary therapies, nutrition guidelines, vitamins and supplements that are provided at the office. If there are any other triggers of a patient’s back pain, the doctor may give suggestions in order to minimize the effect of those. There will most likely be a set of recommended exercises as well, that will help the patient work on the issue when not in office to speed up patient wellness.

We are here to help you in any way we can on your path Back to Wellness!


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