Palm Desert Chiropractor Helps Patient Relieve Herniated Disc Pain

Palm Desert Chiropractor Helps
Patient Relieve Herniated Disc Pain

Tips for Beating Beat Back Pain

Herniated and Bulging discs in Palm Desert are a problem that, more often than not, cause severe issues for a patient. The herniation or bulging can cause pain by itself but can have more extreme effects on the body such as radiating pain or numbness. This can result in loss of sleep, loss of balance, constant discomfort, loss of energy, use of walker/cane/wheelchair, etc. Often people can live with a problem of bulging or herniated discs until something irritates it. At that point it causes horrible pain, often with other effects. At our office we try to locate problem sites that need to be addressed before they result in a major debilitating issue. We want to help as naturally as possible but first you need to be aware of the remedies commonly available.

What are Common Remedies for Herniated and Bulged Discs in Palm Desert?

Upon finding out about a herniated or bulged disc and the degree of its severity a doctor can make a few recommendations. Medically, the first and least invasive being anti-inflammatory or pain medication. This allows the patient to hopefully go about their normal everyday life without the constant reminder they have back issues. The down side to this problem is that while you are in a state of reduced pain, due to the effects of the medication, the disc that is bulging or herniated continues to rub and grind reducing the size of the disc. This is due to the disc being in an unnatural position. A second option is to do Physical Therapy. This option definitely takes commitment and hard work. The idea is that by doing the recommended exercises the body will cope with what is going on and pain levels will hopefully decline. The downside to this option is that you can do as much Physical Therapy as you want and the structural issues in your discs may not change at all. The next remedy would be an injection near the herniation or bulged disc. This injection is typically an epidural or a nerve block. This is done in an effort to minimize pain at the source to relieve symptoms. The issue with this remedy is that it is designed to be short term. This is not a long term fix because it does not do anything for the cause of the issue other than numb it. The last remedy is surgical intervention. What a typical surgery will look like is that the part of the disc bulging will be cut away. If the disc is bulging into the spinal cord then it is meant to relieve the pinching going on. The problem with this option is that you are permanently altering the structure of your body and surgery always comes with a risk of complication and a lengthy recovery. We always recommend surgery as a last case scenario.

What Go Healthcare in Palm Desert Will Do Differently

Chiropractic paired with Therapy and Medical services is a great way to attack a disc herniation or bulging problem. We first will set you up with a consultation appointment where we will discuss the issue at length and how it has been bothering you. Then we will do an exam that will tell us exactly what sort of damage is going on in the spine. As early as the next day, we will have a custom treatment plan that is meant to help you get back on your feet and feeling good. We don’t know exactly what that will consist of until we take a look at you so please give us a call so we can help you reduce your pain!


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